Google to rollout mobile ranking update in May 2016

By March 17, 2016SEO

Yesterday, Google announced that, beginning in May, they will roll out an update to the mobile search results that will increase the effect of the mobile friendly ranking signal. Sites that are already mobile friendly will not be impacted by the update. However, sites that are not mobile friendly can expect to see a drop in total traffic volume from mobile organic search. At Uptica, we recognize that Google (and technology in general) is trending toward being device agnostic. So, we emphasize mobile-friendliness of websites and web applications. 

That said, high quality content still takes the cake for being the most important ranking factor. It will still be possible to rank well with great, relevant content – especially when it’s accentuated with a cohesive online marketing strategy (ask us about this). 

tl;dr; Google’s upcoming May 2016 rollout will enhance last year’s mobile-friendly ranking signal update. Websites that aren’t mobile friendly will see a reduction in traffic. Find out if your site is mobile friendly here:

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