Your Holiday Marketing Timeline: Part 2

By October 20, 2014Volusion Online Business

By Volusion

Refine your holiday SEO, social media, paid search and email marketing game plan in part 2 of our Holiday Marketing Timeline series.

Last month’s marketing timeline established a few proven strategies for approaching your SEO, social media, paid search campaigns and email marketing at the beginning of the holiday season. This month our marketing specialist have worked together to provide you with more tactics and tips to help you refine your efforts as the biggest sales season of the year grows closer to its peak.

This month we dig in deeper, exploring seasonal promotions, site speed and functionality, ad testing, mobile campaigns, commitment to content and more. Download the full October marketing timeline below to get started on a path that will keep your marketing schedule busy and productive well into November. Be sure to check back with again next month for another installment and more advice for keeping your campaigns manageable and fruitful.

Download Your Free Marketing Timeline

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