Social Media: You’re probably doing it wrong.

By March 22, 2014Social Media

A common social media mistake

There was an article posted recently on Inc that includes a short video interview with Seth Godin. He talks about why social networking is important for small business and why it’s meaningless to think of social media only in terms of likes, shares, and follows. Although it might be your goal as a small business, the goal of social media isn’t to get more likes. Likes are a representation of appreciation for a piece of media – a quote, picture, or link.

Why do people use social media in the first place?

But what is the purpose of social media, really? It’s to help people reach their goals. That’s why people like a brand in the first place – when the brand’s exhibited values are in alignment with those of the viewer. So, posting a self-promoting sales link isn’t going to cut it. Trying to get people to “like” the link is near impossible.

If your goal is simply to get more likes, then you’re doing it completely wrong. Sure, cumulative scores of likes, shares, and followers is an easy metric (and it can be useful too). But it misses the crucial point of what successful social networking is. Take look at Seth’s answer in the video below (it’s only just over a minute long).

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