How can you improve the results of your email marketing?

Digital marketers know that email marketing can help win new business and get repeat business from existing clients. Download the ultimate email cheat sheet of best practices from Uptica, a results-driven marketing & advertising agency.

What’s included in Uptica’s Ultimate Email Cheat Sheet?

At Uptica, we’re able to create high performing email campaigns because we start with the best practices and go from there. So, we included those best practices and several examples to help you:

  • Learn why some subject lines perform better than others
  • Learn how to use email automation to improve personalization
  • Avoid email spam filters
  • Send emails at the optimal time of day
  • Improve your click through rate (CTR)
  • Improve open rate

Ready to optimize (or start) your email automation?

If you don’t have an organized or automated email workflow, you’re probably spending too much time writing emails, or you’re sending out the same email to everybody (this isn’t effective).

Does this resonate with you? Maybe it’s time to explore your options and see what email marketing solutions are out there. Talk to us and find out.

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